PFC is a 501 (c) non-profit organization, sponsorships donations are 100% tax deductible. Also, from our recreational soccer teams to our competitive travel teams, your company will receive exposure all over the state, and out of state tournaments. On top of that, your contribution will also help our children to be successful in their pursuit of developing not only their soccer skills, but also their sense of teamwork, sportsmanship, pride, community involvement, and hard work. We take pride in providing a positive growth experience to as many players as we can in our community.

PFC background:

PFC officially started in 2019 with 30 athletes and has increased its number of participants to over 100 athletes. PFC has a total of 7 coaches who currently provide their own personal time to help kids excel in their soccer skills. There is no pay provided to any of our coaches, assistant coaches, or staff. PFC believes in giving our communities’ children the opportunity to excel in soccer.

PFC has a total of 10 competitive travel teams who have represented PFC Academy during in and out of state tournaments. In several tournaments our club have been finalists or have been champions during their participation. PFC Academy has been able to expose the great level of soccer skills in the East Idaho area, also as being one of the strongest and most challenging teams to beat.

PEWEES: Additionally to our competitive teams, PFC has developed a program to continue on helping young athletes level up on their soccer skills to eventually, move up to a competitive team.

PFC Academy provides the best training equipment, best coaches and capacity to anyone in the area, in order to make our East Idaho area the best soccer academy and eventually the most competitive in the state of Idaho. However, PFC is in need of local business support to continue reaching its legacy. PFC Academy has a low cost sports development program to help our athletes expose their talent through the sport without having to worry about the registrations over costs.

PFC coaches are passionate of the sport and have received great feedback about their legacy being built. “It’s beyond rewarding to know we are making a difference” Hector Palacios. “Our intentions in the future are to develop professional soccer players from our community”.  

PFC coaches believe the children in the East Idaho community and surrounding areas have the potential and desire to make that happen. All they need is the appropriate training opportunity that we are planning to give them along with the help that our community provides.

                       We invite you to support PFC’s legacy on “making a difference for our athletes in our community.” 

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